I’ve jokingly been telling folks that there is no need for me to own a boat or to go down to the shore to wet a line.

All I have to do lately is stand on the back deck and cast a lure into the backyard.

It’s that wet.

And living close to the edge of the Pasquotank River, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few bass or bluegill wallowing around in the grass.

It doesn’t seem so bad today (Wednesday). The sun is out for the second day in a row and there is hope that the ditches will dry and the soil will be able to hold my weight without sinking in past my ankles.

But news from the National Weather Service doesn’t lend itself to holding onto that hope.

Starting sometime early Thursday mornin, and lasting through possibly Thursday night – maybe even into Friday – the forecast is for anywhere between 1 to 3 inches of rain in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina.

Well ain’t that just peachy.

Areas to the west are going to get it even worse, with sleet, freezing rain and other frigid forms of H2O in the mix.

Guess I should be happy it’s just going to be rain in our neck of the woods.

And who knows, maybe that blue marlin that threw the hook near the deck the other day might swim back to the yard for another cast.

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