A winter coastal storm sure isn’t the way to start off the special sea bass season, especially when opportuntites for hooking up are becoming more limited.

Blame Mother Nature. Blame fisheries managers.

A black sea bass season this time of year – when there are only 28 days in the month – doesn’t bode well for lots of action. Weather is a big player this time of year and bottom bouncing for sea bass isn’t a great experience when it’s nasty and blowing a gale.

Add to the elements a stringent list of requirements for even leaving the dock.

For starters permits are required for this special season and can be obtained here.

Each time you go fishing for sea bass you have to let the suits know your name, your permit number, a description of your boat, what ramp or marina you are leaving from, your estimated return to shore and your cell phone number.

How about what blood type you are, what car you drive and five reasons for that skeleton in your closet.

Can’t we just go fishing and keep our limit of 15 fish that measure at least 12-and-a-half inches?


The feds claim they need all this reporting so they can better understand a fishery they have admitted they know nothing about. They don’t have a clue about the stock, but they refuse to listen to anglers who are out there catching this marvelous and super tasty species.

Anglers since the feds poked their collected noses into the equation have said the population is extremely healthy – likely to the point of being the most sustainable species swimming in coastal waters.

Oh well, fishing isn’t what it once was because of regulations. And – to admit it – some species need hardline regulating.

But black sea bass probably isn’t one of them.

So get your permit, pray for decent weather so you can take advantage of the fishery, and make sure you report everything you are doing.

Hey, tell them what you ate for breakfast while you are at it.

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    You tell em bro,#@!$%*& regulations

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