That’s an older picture of Chris Reckling with what is probably the biggest trout he’s ever caught.

Nah, I jest – he’s bagged ’em a lot bigger than that over the years.

Anyone who has been around more than a few weeks knows Chris. He’s a hometown boy raised in Virginia Beach who graduated from Princess Ann High School and Virginia Tech. A star athlete in football and baseball, he had his dreams of professional sports cut short by injury.

So he ended up in broadcast journalism, working as a sports anchor and videographer. He was, for decades, a fixture on the sidelines telling the stories of games and those who played them.

Then he was reassigned to the Hampton Roads Show, where he has excelled in his passion for telling the stories of those who work and play in southeastern Virginia.

And if you don’t know him, I’m here to tell you that he is one of the best damned people on the planet.

Further more, he is, by nature, an outdoorsman. When he had the time after raising two bright young men through school and baseball, he could be found on the water – either fishing or paddling or surfing. The outdoors runs rapid and hard through his veins.

And he’s been kind enough to feature me on his Reck on the Road segment on his daily show.

You can watch the latest here.

Chris and I spent several hours earlier this week filming B-roll and doing an interview, things I enjoy immensely – especially when he is one of the guys on the other side of the camera.

He was kind enough to pump up this new website where I am trying to keep outdoors coverage alive in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina.

So, thanks Chris, for helping me to spread the word. And like you said at the end of the segment – let’s go fishing.

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