Sandra Scherman sat in silence at a table set up on the edge of an Eastern Shore patch of woods. Her husband, Mike Scherman, sat next to her.

Behind them was a handful of close friends – waiting, watching for a deer to come into range of Mike’s rifle.

Finally a big buck showed itself and Mike took a shot. He missed and all the group could collectively think was: “God, please don’t.”

Those prayers were answered, as the buck didn’t flee. Most likely, said close friend Darrell Green, because the buck was tailing a doe that did not run.

“We told him to aim a little higher, towards the shoulder, and hurry,” Green said.

The second shot was on target and the deer ran to the woods and dropped just inside the edge.

The group celebrated a huge deer with a nine-point rack.

Mike would head to the hunting grounds in the sky a week later after what was a brutal fight with Leukemia.

It was November of 2019 and he was 56.

“It was a magical day,” Sandra said. “God had a plan.”

When the couple was told that Mike didn’t qualify for a bone marrow transplant and given only a couple of weeks to live, he told his wife that he had to go fishing and hunting one more time. Because he had a leg amputated during the battle, the doctors told him that going deep sea fishing on a boat was out of the question.

But they saw no problem with a day in the woods.

Green made arrangements to go to a friend’s farm on the Eastern Shore. The farm sat in an area known for its abundance of white tails.

Mike’s battle with the cancer was an especially tough one. His Leukemia was the most aggressive form of the disease. Most of the six months were spent in the hospital receiving more chemo that anyone should endure. The surgeries to take the leg were necessary to give him any chance of living.

The couple – who had been together for 13 years – were married at the hospital, where Sandra was a 24-7 fixture. He left behind her three adult children and his two beloved beagles.

“We were inseparable,” said Sandra, a nine-year breast cancer survivor. “I went with him to sit in the tree stand when he hunted. It was always so nice and peaceful and I love being outdoors. The only time we weren’t together is when he was away for work or fishing.

“The fishing trips were a ‘guy thing’ he always told me.”

Sandra said over and over that Green played a huge part in the couple’s life – especially the last six months.

“Mike passed the day before Thanksgiving and he knew that he might not make it,” she said. “So Darrell and his wife cooked us a huge Thanksgiving dinner the week before so Mike could enjoy our family being together one last time.

“If it wasn’t for Darrell, I don’t know how I would have made it through any of this.”

A couple of weeks ago, Sandra and Green picked up a magnificent mount of Mike’s deer. When the two talked, something about that last day in the woods came to light.

“I told Darrell that Mike had told me that day was a perfect ending. Mike knew he was going to die soon,” Sandra said. “Darrell was so surprised that I said that and told me that Mike told him the same thing. Neither of us knew.

“Seems like God did everything right that day.”


  • Susan Thomas
    Posted March 25, 2021 7:05 pm 0Likes

    Sandra is our daughter. This story has me crying. Mike was a wonderful person. He brought so much happiness to Sandra and her kids. He stood beside her through all her battles with cancer. Praise God for giving Mike this last day of hunting. He was so passionate about the sport.. Sandra’s dad and I were truly blessed to have Mike in our lives . Thank you for this tribute to a man who tried so valiantly to live.

  • Chris Springs
    Posted July 27, 2021 10:05 pm 0Likes

    Mike was a great man that I considered a friend. I knew about his hunt this day but I did not know that yall made it happen. From an Army Veteran I thank you for what yall did! God Bless!!

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